Benefits of Fluid Filtration Maintenance

There can be little argument that hydraulic fluid is the very life blood of all hydraulic equipment. What many fail to realize however, is the unseen (micron sized) particle contaminants can be far more dangerous and destructive to your valuable hydraulic components. This is where Tiocco products come into play to save your company valuable resources by minimizing system failures, downtime, and costly repairs.

The contaminants you can see are far less dangerous than the contaminant particles you can’t see in that most of these extremely small, micron sized contaminants are oftentimes clearance sized. This means they are small enough to invade the tight areas of your valuable machinery that are designed with strict clearance criteria. Once these particles occupy these tiny crevices, the results can be disastrous. These micron sized contaminants will remain entrenched in these areas and cause abrasion and surface fatigue. They can remain unnoticed indefinitely, eventually causing a catastrophic failure of your treasured equipment, the vary life line of your business.

At Tiocco, we offer a plethora of filtration systems, each meticulously designed and installed to minimize your system failures and downtime, thereby maximizing your profit margin.

Clean Fluid is Your Company’s Financial Improvement

A recent case study of Weyerhaeuser, Flint River Operation proactive maintenance program revealed that once they reached the realization that fluid contamination was responsible for some 80% of unnecessary wear that led to catastrophic machine failure, they were able to improve their ISO particle count from 19/17 to 14/11 by implementing a preventative fluid filtering system.

Weyerhaeuser furthered their positive return with a 90% reduction in downtime and a 74% savings on repairs. One of their biggest concern, downtime caused by hydraulic systems failure was reduced from 14 hours monthly to barely 3 hours.

Proactive Fluid Maintenance Works

Some case studies have reveled startling results after companies instituted proactive fluid maintenance schedules. Some of these findings include:

  • After starting a rigorous hydraulic contamination control program, Nippon Steel reduced pump replacement frequencies to one fifth, and the total frequency of all failures relating to wear and contamination was reduced to one tenth.
  • Kawasaki Steel achieved a remarkable 97% reduction in hydraulic component failures, after instituting a similar program.
  • International Paper had a nearly 90% reduction in bearing failures in just six months, after starting better filtration and contamination control practices in their Pine Bluff mill.
  • A three-year study of 117 carefully monitored hydraulic machines, in the field, the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) revealed a dramatic relationship between fluid contamination levels and service life. Improved system cleanliness extended actual mean time between failures (MTBF) from 10 to 50 times, depending on fluid cleanliness levels.

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