Filter process fluids simply and efficiently, even in the most demanding conditions.

The Right Filtration Equipment Makes Varnish or Filming Vanish!


Varnish forms when lube oil degrades. Lube oil degradation is caused primarily by the cyclic temperature (hot/cold) nature of the application process and the presence of oxygen and/or moisture in the fluid. When these contaminates are left in the lube oil they eventually build up and stick to surfaces (filming). Filming occurs on components and causes them to stick, malfunction, and eventually result in failure. Furthermore, varnish accumulation causes excessive wear on parts, can lead to bearing failures, and unexpected maintenance requirements. These failures can be costly, not only due to the repair expenses, but also because of lost revenue due to down time.

Varnish results in a thin film deposit often found on bearings, servo-valves, and other metal surfaces. The film is made up of soft insoluble material that fails to be removed by full flow, conventional filtration.

Tiocco designs, manufactures and supplies industrial filtration equipment that provides both high efficiency filtration elements and standard high & low pressure filter cartridges. We have designed and built equipment to clean TURBINE OIL, dielectric oil, lube oil, gear oil, E.D.M. fluids, hydraulic fluids (Including fire safe i.e. PHOSPHATE ESTERS, WATER GLYCOL, AND PETROLEUM), coolants, cutting oil, quench oil, diesel fuel, way lube.

Tiocco literally cleans fluids from water to way lube at flow rates from 1 GPM to whatever your application requires.

Our high efficiency filtration elements remove oxidation or varnish/filming (cokeing), solid contaminates at a Beta 3µ micron @99.27% efficient, as well as liquid contamination @ 99.1% efficient. We also provide Custom Trailer Mounted Filtration Systems as well as Specialty Equipment to meet customer specific requirements for Electric Utilities, Power Generation, Water and Oil Separation, Mining, Die Casting, as well as a variety of industrial and commercial applications.