Electric Utilities and Power Generation

Tiocco Inc. has developed a mobile filtration system for electric utilities and power generation markets. The Mobile T-3002-32 filtration system has a 2HP single-phase motor that pumps out 32 GPM. It also features a control manifold that enables you to control everything – no disconnecting hoses until the work is done. It also contains filtration housings to remove particulate, moisture and oxidized oil. The unit sits on a 16′ long, 8.5′ wide DOT approved trailer that has a 12″ ground clearance. The 4-ton single torsion axle is designed to transport oil to substation. The unit features DOT approved lighting, storage cabinets and is painted to the customers’ specifications.


Improving Reliability and Operation Efficiencies

At Tiocco, we provide mobile solutions for managing filtration applications that enables electric utilities and power generation facilities to satisfy increasing population demands, overcome deficiency challenges, and comply with regulatory requirements for wastewater and and other liquid solutions. Protecting natural resources, such as rivers, lakes, and streams, is an essential component of improving the reliability and operating efficiencies of filtration solutions. Our solutions meet ever-increasing environmental, regulatory, and financial pressures.

Electric Utilities Filtration Solutions

Tiocco has the filtration technology and equipment, to help deliver safe, clean water. Our municipal water treatment solutions enable the discharge of safe, treated water, and discovery of new reuse opportunities. We ensure that equipment operates efficiently, particularly in unpredictable conditions.

Our mobile filtration system meets utility filtration needs and avoids aging infrastructures, shortened equipment life, nutrient discharge limits, filming, and water reuse. The benefits of electric utilities solutions include:

  • Integrated technologies that can handle high turbidity and organic water
  • Moderate odors opposed to conventional wastewater treatment schemes
  • Reliable, safe effluent for discharge
  • Enhanced membrane performance with a portfolio of NSF-certified membrane chemical solutions

In today’s market, power generation needs vary. Here at Tiocco, we have the capabilities and technologies to design, create, and manufacture systems per unique specifications.

Power Generation Filtration Solutions

Power manufacturers face rigorous controls on CO2 emissions, solid waste and water discharge, mercury and selenium secretion, and air quality. Every utility has a PM program, and some use filters. However, an effective PM program is at the core of any efficient and well-run facility. Inefficiencies can include overscheduling maintenance in labor hours or under-scheduling equipment that requires check-ups at a higher frequency. Neglecting to schedule strategically preventive maintenance based on factors such as the skill set of the mechanics on duty and location of equipment are other displays of wastefulness. Outsourced, emergency, and on-going power generation filtration solutions help decrease overhead and produce more power.

The global need for power continues to accelerate, particularly in fast-growing regions including the Middle East, India, and China. Best practices include maximizing existing fuel resources while exploring alternative solutions. Here at Tiocco, we boost power generation by using regulation-compliant and cost-efficient water treatment technologies. Benefits include:

  • Extended maintenance intervals of three to six times
  • Longer component and oil life
  • Stable operating environment
  • Decreased maintenance requirements

The primary enemies of insulating oil are heat, coking, contamination, oxidation, and moisture. Contamination of oil directly relates to shortened life of LTC and components.

To avoid contamination and eliminate filming, Tiocco designs, produces, and provides manufacturing filtration equipment that accommodates high efficiency filtration elements and standard multi-pressure filter cartridges. In essence, excessive heat causes decomposition of the oil and increases the rate of oxidation of the insulating oil. It also contributes to the oxidation process. Overheating produces filming and coking buildup. The result is faulting, sparking, arcing, overheating, and ultimately, failure.

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Judicious consideration should be extended when selecting a filtration system solution. The best filtration option enhances reliability, reduces process downtime, eliminates waste disposal costs, limits worker exposure to hazards, improves operation efficiencies, reduces maintenance time and expense, and advances product quality. For more information or to discuss our filtration solutions, contact us today at 888-628-2024.