Die Cast Solutions

Die Cast Solutions


We provide filtration die cast solutions for hot and cold chamber high pressure die cast machines, trim presses and CNC machining centers. We also provide consumables for the shot end of high pressure hot and cold chamber die cast machines as well as die lubricants, shot beads, ladle coat, pin lube and quenching compounds.

Because HYDRAULIC FLUID IS THE LIFE BLOOD OF THE MACHINE preventive maintenance in hydraulics should BEGIN in the fluid reservoir.

The Financial Benefits of Clean Fluid

Summary case study results for Weyerhaeuser, Flint River Operation proactive maintenance program

Once Weyerhaeuser learned that fluid contamination is responsible for 80% of the wear that leads to machine failure they decided to improve their ISO particle count from 19/17 to 14/11.

Benefits Derived:

  • Downtime was reduced 90%
  • Repair costs were reduced 74%
  • Worst case scenario downtime caused by hydraulic systems dropped from nearly 14 hours per month to just over 3 hours per month

Since cost reduction and production improvements happen simultaneously, proactive maintenance pays twice. Every dollar saved in repair cost goes directly to the operating profit line as there is no cost-of-goods-sold associated with the improved revenue.

Proactive Fluid Maintenance Results

    • After starting a rigorous hydraulic contamination control program, Nippon Steel reduced pump replacement frequencies to one fifth, and the total frequency of all failures relating to wear and contamination was reduced to one tenth.
    • Kawasaki Steel achieved a remarkable 97% reduction in hydraulic component failures, after instituting a similar program.
    • International Paper had a nearly 90% reduction in bearing failures in just six months, after starting better filtration and contamination control practices in their Pine Bluff mill.
    • A three-year study of 117 carefully monitored hydraulic machines, in the field, the British Hydromechanics Research Association (BHRA) revealed a dramatic relationship between fluid contamination levels and service life. Improved system cleanliness extended actual mean time between failures (MTBF) from 10 to 50 times, depending on fluid cleanliness levels.

Invisible Dirt is Dangerous

You usually can’t see all the dirt in a fluid, whether its cleanliness is as dirty as an ISO 23/21/18 or as clean as an ISO 14/12/9. Is there really that much difference between the two extremes? Yes! Because of the multipass nature of dirt in a fluid, at ISO 23/21/18, a 50-gpm oil pump will circulate almost 7,000 pounds of abrasive dirt to your components each year. Conversely, at ISO 14/12/9, the same pump will deliver just 14 pounds of dirt to the components per year. All else held equal, the pump in the clean system will last 15 times longer!

The dirt you can’t see with the naked eye is even more dangerous than the dirt you can see. The small stuff is often clearance-sized, meaning that it is just the right size to impede the blood cell-sized machine surface clearances and cause abrasion and surface fatigue. Likewise, the small particles remain entrained in the oil for a long period of time, even with just minimal agitation.

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